Late Night Packet Workshop


This four week workshop will consist of weekly virtual table reads and pitch meetings via Zoom. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of a late night submission packet. 


Week 1 - Topical monologue jokes

-1-2 pages of topical news and pop culture jokes

Week 2 - Refillable late night desk bits

-Example: Jokes Seth Can’t Tell, Conan Desk Driving

Week 3 - Viral content ideas 

-Example: Carpool Karaoke

Week 4 - Topical sketch

-Example: SNL Debate sketches

Duration: 4 weeks beginning July 7th 7-9pm

Location: The Internet

Rate: $100

Character Workshop

NOTE: This workshop is hosted by Hashtag Comedy

This workshop will consist of weekly virtual table reads and pitch meetings via Zoom. Each week we will focus on a different type of character script. There will be 4 full meetings and 1 optional pitch session prior to the first full  meeting.  


Week 1 - Solo live/video character

-Can be written specifically for you to perform, or for anyone

-Should be a character that can be introduced by a host/described in video title and directly address the audience/camera


Week 2 - Weekend Update style character script

-Can be written specifically for you to perform, or for anyone

-Should be written with host as voice of reason character


Week 3 - Bob Newhart style standup monologue

-This is where the performer sets up the premise, then performs in character


Week 4 - Character-driven sketch

-A sketch revolving around the actions/POV of the main character



Duration: 4 weeks beginning July 8th 7-9pm

Location: The Internet

Rate: $97

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These workshops are open to anyone - as long as you have a desire to write your own material, you are welcome - but please be aware it is geared toward people who have a basic understanding of comedic structure and script writing. 


If you are looking for more information on things such as script formatting, ways to generate ideas, comedic structure and terms, please sign up for my Sketch 1 or Comedy Writing 101 classes.


You will need the Zoom app and access to a strong internet connection. You will be required to write outside of meetings. 


Through my experiences working with various groups and shows at The Upright Citizens Brigade, running writers rooms for digital companies, and pitching shows and ideas to networks and companies such as Maker Studios and Comedy Central, I'll bring you tips and skills to help you succeed whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world.


Workshops are capped at 8 people.




Michael Busch is a Cleveland native who has spent over ten years working in the Los Angeles comedy scene.

He is a graduate of IO West’s improv program and studied at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with UCB founders Matt Besser and Matt Walsh, among others. He was a member of House Improv (Harold) Teams at both IO West and UCBTLA, as well as various independent improv groups.

When in Los Angeles he continues to be a regular at The Upright Citizens Brigade and has performed at the grand openings of both the Sunset and Franklin stages. Other UCB credits include creator of The Midnight Show and producer for 4.5 years, writer/producer on Nick’s Big Talk Show, a monthly live talk show hosted by Nick Thune, and his solo shows such as Busch On Bridges, Beards, & Board Games and The Very Important Show.

As an actor, Michael has appeared in dozens of national commercials, including a series of spots for Alltel as the Sprint Guy. His television credits include The Goldbergs, The Middle, Pretty Little Liars, Human Giant, Community, and recurring sketches on Conan.

He has also written and produced original and branded content for companies such as FunnyorDie, Comedy Central Studios, CollegeHumor, AwesomenessTV, and

Backstage at Conan
BTS Alltel
Human Giant
Nick's Big Talk Show
Busch On Bridges, Beards, & Board Games UCB
Michael Busch Sam Brown at Superserious Show
Bank of America Commercial
Fresh Fish - UCB
Michael Busch Brandon Johnson - Hollywood Improv Lab