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This course is an introduction to long-form improvisation, based on the style developed by The iO Theater and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. We will start with a focus on the fundamentals - agreement, listening, and support - as well as the thing that should come across in every scene: the fun. We will also get into things like establishing the reality of the scene, connecting with your scene partner, and heightening based off game/premise.

This class is designed for beginners through those with some longform improv experience.


Each week we will develop your group and individual skills through scene work and exercises. You will also heighten your writing skills and learn to think quicker on your feet.


Next Class TBD

In this course we will build on the fundamentals from Improv 1 to create full shows of interconnected scenes - building a world with your own rules. Part of the fun of improv is that it can grow as weird and crazy as you like, but it needs to start from a seed of reality.


Through scene work and exercises you will learn to focus your performance and build shows based on the core idea, or game of the scene. Listening for the unusual thing and creating your world around it.

This class is designed for performers who have taken Improv 1 and/or are already performing long form improv.


Each 8 week course will end in a class show for your friends, family, and future fans.



In this course we will cover different sketch formats, working in a writers room, pitching your ideas confidently, and revising a final script. We will run real world scenarios and deadlines. This class is for both experienced comedians and people just starting out - as long as you have a desire to write your own material, you are welcome. You will be required to write outside of class. 

Through my experiences working with various groups and shows at The Upright Citizens Brigade, running writers rooms, and pitching shows and ideas to networks and companies such as Maker Studios and Comedy Central, I'll bring you tips and skills to help you succeed whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, or right here in Cleveland.

Following completion of this class you may sign up for a Sketch 2 Class that ends with a performance.


Late Night Packet Workshop

Begins July 7th

Imposters Theater

Character Sketch Writing Workshop

Begins July 8th

Hashtag Comedy



Michael Busch is a Cleveland native who has spent over ten years working in the Los Angeles comedy scene.


He is a graduate of IO West’s improv program and studied at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with UCB founders Matt Besser and Matt Walsh, among others. He was a member of House Improv (Harold) Teams at both IO West and UCBTLA, as well as various independent improv groups.


When in Los Angeles he continues to be a regular at The Upright Citizens Brigade and has performed at the grand openings of both the Sunset and Franklin stages. Other UCB credits include creator of The Midnight Show and producer for 4.5 years, writer/producer on Nick’s Big Talk Show, a monthly live talk show hosted by Nick Thune, and his solo shows such as Busch On Bridges, Beards, & Board Games and The Very Important Show.


As an actor, Michael has appeared in dozens of national commercials, including a series of spots for Alltel as the Sprint Guy. His television credits include The Goldbergs, The Middle, Pretty Little Liars, Human Giant, Community, and recurring sketches on Conan.

He has also written and produced original and branded content for companies such as FunnyorDie, Comedy Central Studios, CollegeHumor, AwesomenessTV, and

Backstage at Conan
BTS Alltel
Human Giant
Nick's Big Talk Show
Busch On Bridges, Beards, & Board Games UCB
Michael Busch Sam Brown at Superserious Show
Bank of America Commercial
Fresh Fish - UCB
Michael Busch Brandon Johnson - Hollywood Improv Lab

Cleveland, OH, USA

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