August 2, 2019

I produced a series of music videos with Trevor Moore for his first Comedy Central album - Drunk Texts to Myself. We were lucky enough to get some favors from very talented friends, and I am very proud of how they turned out. Here's "Founding Fathers"

July 12, 2019

Here's one of the first videos I produced for The Midnight Show with James Adomian as Orson Welles parodying his famous wine commercial outtakes. Adomian is one of the best there is at characters and impressions, because he can not only nail the performance, but he als...

June 28, 2019

Here's a series of Jake and Amir shorts I produced for CollegeHumor back in 2012. This was a really fun job and Jake and Amir would sometimes even let me look them in the eyes when I talked to them! (JK they were both very fun to work with)

Watch the series here.

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